Myths About Ice and Snow Removal

Fall may not feel like the time to be considering ice and snow removal. However, the truth is that fall is the ideal time to plan ahead for those harsh snowstorms and weather conditions. Simply knowing the facts about salt, deicers, and other methods of ice and snow mitigation are not just a step in the right direction, it can save your money as well.

A couple of the biggest myths about ice and snow removal are only a small component of winter storm control. So, if you’re planning to hire a residential snow removal Airdrie company, here are some myths you should know:

Ice and Snow Removal Should Be Done at Night

Well, that is not the case. The truth is that it is ideal to get rid of ice and snow as it is happening. Of course, you should get rid of it if snow is falling at night. But, you should not wait until night to plow the snow. You have to get rid of the snow just after it falls. This will help avoid it from freezing over and compacting. In addition to that, it will help to melt whatever snow is left clinging to the walkways and parking lot if the sun shines after the snowstorm.

Also, keep in mind that ice management is typically effective before ice develops. Also, ice melting chemicals only work at particular temperatures. If you wait until night, it may be extremely cold for deicers to work.

Using Hot Water in Melting Ice is an Ideal Move for the Environment

This approach may be better for the environment. However, the actual winners here are the lawyers of the individuals who slip on the black ice you produced.

Eventually, the hot water will freeze. This sometimes causes black ice that’s invisible. If you pour hot water, you’ll create a mess that will leave you prone to a lot of lawsuits. The snowstorm did not produce that black ice, the hot water that you poured did. People run the risk of a fall and slip accident because of what you did. You should stick to the chemicals or allow the experts to handle your ice removal for the ideal results.

More Deicer is Better

More deicer is actually dangerous as well since you’re creating slush. First, the frozen ice will not loosen if you use the deicer on your walkway. It will only produce a slushy goop that’s simply as dangerous to the people walking in your walkway. Treating the surfaces before ice forms is the ideal way to handle ice. However, if you’re too late, you can use a shovel to get rid of the slush.

Chemical Deicers Will Melt Snow and You Will Not Have to Shovel It

The truth is that you’ve got to prepare your shovel since deicers can only do several things:

  • Chemical deicers aren’t a solution to the issue. They’re are aids only.
  • Deicers cannot help much once the ice has hold of your walkway.
  • It does not melt the ice.

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